Thursday, 1 January 2015

One Dark Night

'Twas surely dark the night some ancient shepherds watched,
For most, hope had long gone, as Herod sat enthroned
His tortured mind seeking means which none condoned,
Whereby he might ensure his own kingly estate,
Some, taking up arms whereby to set their nation free
At Herod's sword were soon found hanging on a tree.
Meantime, fraudsters self-proclaimed their messiah ship
Luring hurting souls to follow in their fated steps.
Though most just groaned in pain, faint of hope for help to come.
Dark indeed that nations' night
When despised shepherds saw a wondrous sight:

The heavens opened. Glory shone.
Angels announced;"The Christ is born."

Two millennium now have past and dark clouds cast
Again their shadows o'er a world much torn
by greed, hatred, strife and hope forlorn..

...But wait! The Word those ancient shepherds heard
Is ever True. Yes ever New. 
The Lord has come. He came for you!

By L.Lyness Wark Dec 2014

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Consolation of Communion

I know a place
....secret place of spirit.
..............solitary chamber
                      Sanctuary of truth.
Communing with Father
In Spirit of Son-ship,
.................................Quiet repose.
Heaven's light shining,
           Countenance of Father,
                        Permeating Father love
                                       ....on favoured one,
                                                                     In this place.
                                                                        In this place.
                                                                              In this..
                                                                                    Place your hands
                                                                                        In this place.
                                                                                              He is here,
                                                                                                       In this place
                                                                                              "Favoured one, Mine!"
Nov 13 2013

Friday, 4 May 2012

Fishing....On The Other Side.

Weary so weary
     Working all night
         Dip to the depths
               But nothing in sight.
                Bone weary
            Heart sick....
       Dredge the deep..
Deep too, the losses
      Too anxious for sleep.
           Dark, dark the night
                 and weary the heart
        Futile with nets,
     The end of our pride.
            Nothing to satisfy
                   Nowhere to hide.

Then dawn streaks.
Heart seeks.
"Throw your nets on the other side.."
Who is The One on yonder shore?
"The other side!"
 This side, self seeking and longing..
The other side, mercy and belonging.

The Master speaks on yonder shore.
Always , always He goes before.
Seek Him out .. follow  His voice...

Look to the other side.
Eyes clear, voice sure.
"Always I am with you,
Care and provision make,
Guidance and strength,
For your own dear sake.
Put your nets on the other side,
From my abundance liberally take."

John 21:1-17

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Why Do You Weep? An Empty Tomb, Womb of God

John 20:11-18

Why do you weep?
Not like the first gestational womb..
Mysterious, nurturing,moistly dark.
Host of angels ushering birth..
 Of eternity to time.
Eternity squirming and new..
Encased and bound in human form...

Why do you weep?
Two angels-glorious intangibility..
But touching heart and mind..
Shimmering majestic purity and light.
Eternity feathering dust and decay,
Holy midwives birthing the old away.

Why do you weep?
Whom do you seek?
Do not cling to dust and clay..
Turn and see..
With un blinded eye...
Blossoming in you.

The Dawn of God.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Pending The Dawn


As disciples we wait..
Hidden at home.
Gathered together in depths of fear.
We mourn,
Reminisce, not knowing what will come next..
                           or how...
Despair sets in..
      Anguish as we remember..
  Anger.. Anger at the crowds jeering and cruel.
Anger - at the leaders of the synagogue which he loved..
At the political leaders Herod and Pontius who allowed this to happen;
Anger at Roman soldiers proud and fierce;
The system that usurps our lives to the very core of our beings.
Anger, strangely, at Jesus- for remaining quiet, for dying..
Then anger at our own..
...Judas whom we knew.
We ate slept and talked with him.
      How could he?
              How could we? ..
                       Why could we not see?..
What have WE done?
Oh the anguish of our own sin and sorrow...


Blush of first light
At dawning of newness of morn,
A sprout, urgent,pushing, trembling,      New.
Violent joy,
Trembling at the cusp of darkness
Bursting forth in newness of life-
Transformed by  LIGHT
The LIGHT, holy and bright-
The dawn of God,
Making all things new.
Heaven transforming earth
Transforming peace-
A peace that the world cannot give,
A peace from the newness of resurrected life
                 Quivering pulsing, transforming life
                  Descends like the kiss of
                             Butterfly wings,
I stand in awe at the empty tomb.
A joy, rippling,
                sparkling and pure bursts forth,
              like the dawn of new love...
forever newness of life
                Transforming me.

Inspired by the words of Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
"In the shadow of death, may we not look back to the past but seek, in the utter darkness the dawn of God".